Wild Mouse

Sydney Film Festival

6 June 2018 - 17 June 2018

When he’s fired, a classical music critic embarks on a campaign of revenge against his editor, in this hilarious Austrian comedy in the vein of Woody Allen and Larry David.

Respected and knowledgeable, Georg (Josef Hader, also writer and director) has occupied the prestigious classical music critic role for a Viennese newspaper for decades. But times are changing in the media business, and Georg is fired and replaced with someone younger and cheaper. Pretending to his wife that nothing has changed, Georg spends his time running a rundown rollercoaster with an old school friend. All the while he plots revenge against the editor who fired him, mostly in the form of juvenile acts of vandalism. Sardonic comedy Wild Mouse is filled with witty scenarios, and an unforgettable half-naked snow-bound chase scene.

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Film Information


Josef Hader


103 minutes



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