Walking Out

American Essentials Film Festival

9 May 2017 - 28 May 2017

Wilderness survival films lend themselves wholly to great big screen entertainment. Blend that with what is almost entirely a two-hander, excellent cinematography and a coming of age story and we’ve got a cracker-jack film experience.

For a while now Cal (Bormer) has been separated from his wife and has been living alone in the wilderness of Montana. Every year his son David (Wiggins) visits to go hunting and reconnect with his father. Now approaching his teen years, David is beginning to question the isolated world of his father, no longer willing to muster enthusiasm for the trip.

Together and reluctantly for David they go deep into the wilderness on a hunting trip, which as it unfolds makes David slowly reconnect with his father. Things take a rapid turn for the worse however when an unexpected encounter with the natural world forces them to draw on every ounce of strength for their very survival.

This film looks fantastic thanks to Todd McMullen’s firstclass cinematography and is a gripping, high-quality and rewarding addition to the genre.

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Film Information


Alex Smith and Andrew J Smith


97 minutes



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