Toni Erdmann

Perth Festival

15 December 2017 - 25 February 2018

A father, a daughter, and a set of false teeth. A joyous, laugh-out-loud film so continually surprising that it has become the talk of film festivals from Cannes to Melbourne.

‘Toni Erdmann’ is the embarrassingly tactless buck-toothed alter-ego of Winfried Conradi, a recently retired schoolteacher with a penchant for ridiculous stunts. At a loose end and eager to reconnect with his serious and career-driven daughter Ines, Winfried decides to tag along on her important business trip in Bucharest and win her over with a relentless series of daft practical jokes. Full of rich detail and unexpected joy, Toni Erdmann is a constant, head-spinning delight.

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Film Information


Maren Ade


162 minutes



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