The Last Laugh

Revelation Perth International Film Festival

5 July 2018 - 18 July 2018

Sometimes, watching comedy, it becomes clear that a line has been crossed, that something utterly horrific has become the source for humour.

Looking at the Holocaust, The Last Laugh asks what – if any – is the role of humour in the face of such tragedy, what is socially acceptable in humour, and what is the relationship between humour and free speech?

With comedians from across generations addressing these questions – including Mel Brooks, Harry Shearer, Sarah Silverman, Rob Reiner, Gilbert Gottfried, and many others ­– and featuring archive footage from everything from Joan Rivers to Hogan’s Heroes and the never-seen The Day The Clown Died, as well as Holocaust survivors, The Last Laugh manages to be funny (thanks to some great interviews) and simultaneously never forgets exactly what it is focusing on.

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Film Information


Ferne Pearlstein


88 minutes



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