Sea Dreaming Girls

Lavazza Italian Film Festival

12 September 2017 - 11 October 2017

Sea Dreaming Girls is a gorgeous, joyous and funny documentary, a modern day fable about discovering new things and living carefree at any age, as it tells the story of a group of nonnas who have never seen the sea.

In the tiny Italian mountain village of Daone, a group of gregarious grannies led by forthright Erminia, quiet Jolanda, and pragmatist Armida begin planning a trip in honour of their Rododendro club’s 20th anniversary. They quickly agree on a trip to the sea, where many of their members have never ventured. But how will they raise enough money so that everyone can wiggle their toes in the surf? They sell pies and sweets and even boldly pose for a calendar but when this still doesn’t get them the money they need, they have one last idea and it is this one that sends them viral, making them famous across Italy.

Katia Bernardi joyfully captures this tale of women on the verge of a grand adventure— “Dreams do not age” is the mantra of the women. The cast of charming characters—including Massimo, the young, attractive metropolitan photographer; a gaggle of firefighters; and one ridiculously cute nerdy grandson—emphasize the film’s fairy-tale quality as the grannies realise their dreams and more.

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Film Information


Katia Bernardi


77 minutes



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