Santa Maria Della Salute

Serbian Film Festival

24 November 2017 - 10 December 2017

One of Serbia’s most famous poets, Laza Kostic, is renowned for his sublime poetic puns and word coining.

He is also renowned for falling in love with an enchanting young lady Lenka Dunjerski who was the educated and refined daughter of a landowner, Lazar Dunjerski. Standing in the way of their love is the insurmountable age gap between the two: Laza is twenty-nine years older than his beloved.

The affair inspired one of the most sophisticated and tender love poems of the time, providing an utmost expression of yearning, in which the poet’s unflinching devotion is linked to his admiration for a Venice basilisk by the name of Santa Maria Della Salute.

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Film Information


Zdravko Sotra


118 minutes



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