tilde: Melbourne Trans & Gender Diverse Film Festival

26 October 2017 - 29 October 2017

tilde events are for everyone who is open to being part of hearing, telling and sharing these stories.

tilde is Melbourne’s international film festival created to showcase and support the work of trans and gender diverse filmmakers along with works that have trans and gender diverse content. Stories have the power to heal, connect, agitate and educate. They hold a vision of having more positive and authentic representation of gender diversity and a desire to create more dialogue between, as well as the sharing of stories across, communities both locally and globally.

tilde was inspired by other transgender film festivals internationally. The festival is made up of a group of rabble rousers from range of different genders. Their backgrounds span across art, film, community & health sectors, education, media, activism & academia. tilde members have long histories of being involved in a range of trans and queer art & performance events, advocacy along with obsessing about film.

Stories from and about trans and gender diverse people have historically been marginalised, silenced or distorted. tilde wants to take an active part in countering this, and believe film is a pretty spectacular vehicle for doing so! They aim to showcase films that celebrate the stories and perspectives of the trans and gender diverse communities, to provide opportunities to trans and gender diverse filmmakers, to challenge gender normativity, and to celebrate diverse representations of gender.

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26-29 October 2017


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