CHEFIN' Blindfold Dinner

31 July 2017 - 31 October 2017

Inviting friends or family for a meal? Why dine out when you can CHEFIN’? CHEFIN’ connects you with a top local chef who creates a custom feast in your own home using only the freshest ingredients. There’s no shopping, cooking or cleaning! Taste the experience of social dining with a difference.

With an atmosphere designed to heighten your sense of taste, you will be served six gourmet courses inspired by cuisines of the world. Throughout the night you will also be taken through the stories behind each dish. It will be a fun, interactive and memorable dining experience. Once you arrive at the venue, you will be welcomed and taken to your seat at the dining table. Before the food is served you will be asked to place a blindfold over your eyes as the lights in the room are dimmed.

You will then be served each course, allowing you to only smell and taste the individual dish. Finally, with your blindfold lifted and the dish revealed, you will be told about the origins and ingredients that make it special.

All dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Situated in one of Sydney’s most iconic areas, the Chefin House Pyrmont is a perfect combination of history, exclusivity and modern world glamour.

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View the video below to find out more about Chefin’.

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31 July- 31 October 2017


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