Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival

23 November 2016 - 4 December 2016

The all-new Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival (BAPFF) is a 16-day prestigious film event featuring 80 films from over 30 countries from the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Russia and many more.

BAPFF offers audiences a selection of the best cinematic works from the Asia Pacific, and a variety of films that articulate our region’s deep concerns and the enigmatic psyches of its countries. Cinema allows ideas and emotions to be expressed in a deeply personal way. We can marvel at vast landscapes, be heart-stricken by our turmoils and hardships, thrilled by the weird and wonderful, and touched by the gentle and the sensitive.

The inaugural BAPFF program consists of works from auteurs, exciting and courageous new voices, poetic long-form narratives, critically celebrated and awarded films, festival favourites, documentaries, drama, action, thrillers, experimental and cult works, restored classics, animation, youth cinema and special events.

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23 November- 4 December 2016


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