Convergence is a One Day Event and runs from 5pm-10pm on Thursday 19th November at the new Barangaroo development on Sydney Harbour…

Virtual and augmented reality will disrupt communication in a similar way to the worldwide web, will you be ready for the change?

Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook invests $2 billion in VR company Oculus Rift, predicts VR will replace smartphones in 5 years and is introducing AR into Facebook. Google invest $540 million in Magic Leap with Peter Jackson (Weta). Samsung release Gear VR and invest heavily in FOVE VR. Disney invest $65 million in JAUNT VR. Microsoft are about to launch HoloLens and other brands like SONY, Intel, Cannon, Mini/BMW, Oakley and hundreds of others are investing in this amazing technology.

Now is the time to see this technology in action at Convergence: part conference, part networking event and part trade show. With world class speakers including:

  • Scott O'brienKarl Krantz, Silicon Valley Virtual Reality. A world leader in virtual reality, emerging technology and tech start-ups
  • Dr Jordan Nguyen, CEO, Psykinetic, who uses VR/AR to help people with disabilities, he is a pioneer and biomedical engineer who has developed a mind-controlled wheelchair
  • Jonathan Richards, Creative Lab, Google discussing Magic Leap and VR film
  • Scott O’Brien, Founder, Augmented Reality OMG
  • David Francis, Augmented Reality & Internet of Things Specialist, Kalido
  • Benjamin Richards, Director of Creative VFX & Innovation, Cutting Edge
  • Anet Redmer, Founder, Redmera UX, leading UX specialist

There will also be plenty of live examples of both virtual and augmented reality at the exhibitions by some of Australia’s leading VR and AR companies, who include:

  • headsetsMINDCONSOLE this multi-national multi-award winning agency will unleash their “Experience Arcade” with multiple immersive and interactive experiences to explore
  • Glue Society with a massive interactive installation
  • Virtual Reality Ventures (Melbourne)
  • Auggd (Sydney)
  • Start VR (Sydney)
  • APositive (Canberra)
  • oneVR (Perth)
  • Phenomec (Brisbane)
  • Rapid VR (Sydney)
  • Red Cartel (Sydney)


VIP access to Convergence including entry, plus all exhibits and displays, drinks, and exclusive entry to the VIP section. (Save $10 on RRP). 19th November from 5pm – 10pm @ 25 Hickson Rd, Barangaroo. Support some of the latest emerging Australian technology and innovation…

booknow $95 per person


For a complete immersive experience, we are selling VR headsets with tickets for only $35 (RRP $50), which runs off your smartphone and the Convergence app experience. 

booknow $35 per headset

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