Must-See Films at A Night of Horror

The 2017 program for A Night of Horror and Fantastic Planet Film Festival has been released, giving attendees a chance to watch some unique horror films from around the globe. 

Screening at Dendy Cinemas Newtown, the 5-day festival is set to open with the Sydney premiere of Bloodlands, the next film from Aussie writer-director Steven Kastrissios.

A Night of Horror will also offer 5 short film programs

Take a look at our must-see films of the festival:

Sixty Minutes to Midnight

Jack Darcy (Robert Nolan), a mild-mannered construction worker come doomsday prepper, decides to spend New Year’s Eve 1999 alone.


Haunted for years by the unexplained death of his four-year-old sister Ayla, Elton’s (Nicholas Wilder) days and nights are inhabited by the presence of a mysterious woman. 


After serious money troubles, a married couple agrees to take part in a bizarre medical experiment. As the days go by, and the experiment’s challenges become increasingly sinister, the couple is forced to make some disturbing decisions as they slowly uncover the horrifying truth behind what is really going on at the strange facility..


Juliette, a lone survivor of an apocalyptic era, fights to survive against hunger, thirst, a broken leg and strange disturbing creatures that only come out at nighttime.

A Night of Horror Film Festival will take place from 29 November- 3 December 2017. 

Click here to view the full program.

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